Thursday, March 18, 2010

Correction: Cuba Air Service lawsuit story

Posted on Thursday, 03.18.10
Correction: Cuba Air Service lawsuit story
The Associated Press

MIAMI -- In a March 16 story about a lawsuit involving U.S. charter
flights to Cuba, The Associated Press, citing statistics at a Cuban
government Web site, erroneously reported there are more than 100
charter flights weekly to Cuba from Miami and New York.

According to Miami International Airport, the correct number of U.S.
charter flights to Cuba is about 55 per week, not more than 100. AP's
rechecks indicated that Cuba's figures double-counted some flights.

The story also erred on date of a court order for restitution in the
case of a U.S. woman who was tricked into marrying a Cuban spy. The
order to collect the money from the charter flight companies was issued
last month, not in 2007.

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