Monday, August 16, 2010

Mexico Rejects the Claims Made by Fidel Castro of Cuba

Mexico Rejects the Claims Made by Fidel Castro of Cuba
Secretariat of Foreign Affairs

The Secretariat of Foreign Affairs (SRE) expresses the Mexican
government's rejection of the claims made by Fidel Castro Ruz, the
former President of Cuba, in which he seeks to discredit Mexican
institutions while echoing unsubstantiated allegations about the country
and its development.

As well, the Mexican government hopes that the people of Cuba will soon
be able to hold free elections in order to elect their representatives,
and that human rights on the island will be fully respected.

Mexico greatly values its ties with Cuba, and reiterates its
determination to continue to strengthen its friendly and cooperative
relations with the Cuban people and government. In this spirit of mutual
respect, [we] are pleased Comandante Castro has recovered his health on
his 84th birthday.

Beyond opinions or positions of citizens, Mexico is determined to
strengthening its ties with the Cuban people. In recent months we have
seen the strengthening of dialogue between governments and an increase
in trade between the two countries.

Press release, Mexican Secretariat of Foreign Affairs, August 13, 2010,
Mexico, D.F.; translation:

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