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President of the CDR lives in misery

President of the CDR lives in misery / CID
Posted on July 29, 2013

A Cuban family from Holguín, desperate because of the precarious state
of their home and the lack of any response from the authorities, went to
see human rights activists to ask them to help and to provide a report
on her case.

In the video of Liberal Creole Productions and the Peoples' Defender of
Independent Democratic Cuba (CID), a woman named Luisa tells a group of
human rights activists that she is living with her three children, her
mother, her father, and two brothers in a house which is in ruins, with
holes in the walls and roofs, and canvas doors.

Luisa, who lives in the house where the President's Office of the
Committee for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR) for her block is
located, explains that although her parents had dedicated their lives to
the revolutionary project inspired by Fidel Castro, hadn't received any
assistance from the government to help them improve the miserable
conditions in which they live.

Luisa asked for help from the opposition following suggestions from her
own neighbours.

"I want them to help me, so they don't come and threaten me, nor put me
in prison, because I m always going to say the same thing. I haven't
told any lies, they are the ones who have lied." says he woman and shows
some documents in which, according to her, she applies for a better
place to live.

Luisa explains that in that house lives her mother, who belonged to the
Association of Young Rebels (predecessor to the Union of Young
Communists, (UJC) and the national vanguard of the tourism sector; her
brother was a veteran of the Angola war and her father a "fighter in the
war against the bandits in Escambray and a socialist militant."

"They now have absolutely nothing, only a cheque for 240 pesos", which
gets you nowhere.

For their part, the activists who came to interview her and document her
living conditions told her that although they couldn't offer her a home,
nor materials to repair it, they promised to accompany her when she
decides to make a claim "to the party, the government … wherever" and
they promised her they would make the case public.

Source: Radio Marti

24 July 2013

Translated by GH

Source: "President of the CDR lives in misery / CID | Translating Cuba"
- http://translatingcuba.com/president-of-the-cdr-lives-in-misery-cid/

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