Monday, April 25, 2016

Monarch Air Group Launches Air Charter Service to Cuba

Monarch Air Group Launches Air Charter Service to Cuba

The recently opened private jet and prop routes to Cuba allow Monarch
( to provide on demand air charter to pristine
destinations such as Havana, Santiago, Santa Clara, and other
destinations. Unlike scheduled air carriers, Monarch provides on demand
charter, which puts the entire aircraft at the disposal of the
passenger. This allows for maximum flexibility in dates, times, aircraft
types, as well as origins and destinations of the charter. In addition
to the increased flexibility, utilizing private air charters allows
passengers to avoid the commercial airline experience, condensed
terminals, and lost luggage. The company has already provided private
jet service to Cuba for industry leading reporters and smaller aircraft
charters for medical doctors traveling to the island.
Monarch Air Group, LLC, a part 135 aircraft operator based at the Ft.
Lauderdale International airport, provides on demand air charter and
private jet service, based on its own fleet and by utilizing aircraft of
other pre approved operators. Among the company's clients are Fortune
500 corporations, celebrities, the US Government, leading news outlets
and air charter brokers.
Monarch Air Group
610 SW 34th St, Building 3, Suite 307
Fort Lauderdale International Airport
Fort Lauderdale, Fl 33315

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