Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Last Imports Before Cuban Customs Raises the Duties

Last Imports Before Cuban Customs Raises the Duties / 14ymedio

14ymedio, Havana, 20 December 2016 — Jose Marti International Airport in
Havana is busy. The increase in tourists, the avalanche of foreign
journalists who came to the island on the occasion of the death of Fidel
Castro and the proximity of the end of the year recharged its
infrastructure. To this is added the completion, on 31 December, of the
deadline for those who have not yet made their first non-commercial
import of this year, paid for in national currency, the Cuban peso (CUP).

The "mules" who travel and buy, preferably in Panama, Cancun or Miami,
are hurrying to bring everything in the country before the last day of
the year. According to customs regulations, in force since September
2014, each resident in the national territory can make a single import
annually, beyond what is considered personal effects, with the duties
paid in Cuban pesos. Duties on merchandise brought in on subsequent
trips must be paid in Cuban convertible pesos, which are worth 25 times
more than Cuban pesos.

The most behind are in a rush and it is common to see Cubans arriving on
flights from Interjet, Aeromexico, Cubana and Copa Airlines loaded with
boxes filled with air conditioners, flat screen TVs and other
appliances. The luggage collection rooms are overwhelmed with so many
bundles and tourists look stunned at the parade of technology.

Source: Last Imports Before Cuban Customs Raises the Duties / 14ymedio –
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