Saturday, January 21, 2017

703 euros for Lesiat

703 euros for Lesiat
DDC | Santiago de Cuba | 21 de Enero de 2017 - 11:32 CET.

The campaign undertaken by DIARIO DE CUBA to help the child Lesiat
Torres Carrión, age four, suffering from cerebral paralysis and hearing
difficulties, has been a success.

In just 9 hours the initial objective of raising 500 euros was met, and
in 24 hours a total of 32 people donated 703 euros for Lesiat.

The boy and his father, Armando Torres Pozo, will receive 627.64 euros,
as the campaign website retains 10% of the funds collected.

DIARIO DE CUBA will initiate the process to get the money to Torres Pozo
and his son, and will continue reporting on this case.

Backers of the campaign included the Mariel Bloch Memorial Fund, Omar
Álvarez, Javier Marimón, Ileana Serrano, Yaumara Rodríguez, Magela
Hernández, Elianys Pérez, Lindomar Placencia, Francesco Celotto, Giselle
Martínez, Jorge Casals, Giscard Yanez, Michael Di Giacomo, Yulenia
Garrido, Nelson González, Frank Pupo, Jorge Herrera, Gustavo A. Fuentes,
Adrian Beruvides, Mauricio Zequeira, Omaira Pérez, Ernesto Pérez, Emilio
Lindsay and Boris Fornaris, who donated between 5 and 100 euros. The
rest of the contributions were anonymous.

Armando Torres Pozo, age 63, and his son Lesiat reside in Santiago de
Cuba in a home severely damaged by Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Both lack
clothing, shoes, and the rundown bed on which they sleep gets wet due to
the house's leaky ceiling.

They receive state aid of about about 6 dollars per month.

Torres Pozo is raising his son alone. He has tried to work
independently, selling fried fare and cleaning shoes, but the taxes,
scant earnings, and complete attention his child needs have forced him
to stay at home.

In spite of his situation, Lesiat does not have access to a special diet
to improve his nourishment, as Torres Pozo does not even have a kitchen
to prepare his son's food.

The money raised by this campaign will alleviate at least some of the
family's immediate needs.

Source: 703 euros for Lesiat | Diario de Cuba -

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