Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cardinal hopes Cuba will release 11 dissidents

Posted on Tuesday, 12.21.10
Cardinal hopes Cuba will release 11 dissidents
The Associated Press

HAVANA -- The Roman Catholic Cardinal who helped broker a deal with Cuba
to free dissidents jailed in a 2003 crackdown says he hopes the
government will make good on its pledge to release the last 11 remaining
in prison.

Havana Archbishop Jaime Ortega says "hope springs eternal" that Havana
will honor its "formal promise" to free them.

But he declined to speculate Monday on when they might be released.

He told reporters: "I can't make conjectures."

Cuba agreed to the deal in July. All 52 were supposed to be freed by
early November.

Exile was not an explicit condition of the agreement, however all but
one of the 41 released so far are now living in Spain.

Those still behind bars have said they want to remain on the island.


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