Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Russian Cruise Ship to Begin Circumnavigation Tour around Cuba

Russian Cruise Ship to Begin Circumnavigation Tour around Cuba

HAVANA, Cuba, Dec 15 (acn) The Russian cruise ship Adriana, of the
Tropicana Cruises LTD company, will soon begin a regular
circumnavigation tour around Cuba under the name "Knowing Cuba from the
Cuban News Agency

The director of International Sales Development of the Cubatur travel
agency, Juan Carlos Escalona, said the circuit will begin on December 25
and it will be similar to the first circumnavigation around the
Caribbean island in 1509 by Spanish Sebastian de Ocampo.

Escalona referred to an increasing interest of many tour operators in
this product that is already being promoted abroad and that will result
in an increase of foreign visitors.

He also predicted a significant growth in the sales of excursions in the
five national ports in which the cruise ship will stop. There, tourists
will enjoy and learn about the local nature, history, culture, cuisine,
music and traditions through visits to museums and other places and they
will also carry out other activities such as diving, sight-seeing, etc.

The eight-day journey will begin in Havana and it will include stops in
the Isle of Youth; in Trinidad, in the central province of Sancti
Spiritus; in Ocho Rios, in Jamaica; in Santiago de Cuba; and in Cayo
Saetia, in Holguin province.
The Adriana cruise ship, headed by Captain Vasily Borovsky, has a
capacity for 305 passengers. It has 150 cabins as well as a restaurant,
a bar, a swimming pool, a beauty parlor, a show hall, a sauna, a massage
room, an internet club, a laundry and several shops.

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