Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Report: Obama could ease more Cuba sanctions

Posted on Tuesday, 02.15.11

Report: Obama could ease more Cuba sanctions
The Associated Press

MIAMI -- A new report finds the president has broad authority to
continue easing sanctions against Cuba without violating the
congressionally mandated U.S. embargo.

The report released Tuesday by Washington-based attorney Stephen Propst,
was commissioned at the behest of the moderate, business-backed Cuba
Study Group.

Cuban authorities announced in September they were opening the island's
Marxist economy to a limited amount of private enterprise. Propst'
review found President Barack Obama could authorize certain services to
be imported from Cuba, such as those provided by Cuban web-based
entrepreneurs. He also maintains Obama could create more general travel
licenses to the island, making it easier for those working with the
country's fledgling business class.


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