Sunday, February 27, 2011

Security agents reveal themselves on TV, tell of infiltrating dissident organizations

Security agents reveal themselves on TV, tell of infiltrating dissident

Counterintelligence is ever alert, one agent says

Cuban counterintelligence "outed" two of its undercover agents on
Friday, during a televised exposé of dissident groups that tracked
(fot1) the links between them and their "masters" in the United States.

The program, titled Pawns of the Empire, was broadcast on Cubavisión and
can be seen in the official website Cubadebate.

The two "burned' agents were identified as Moisés Rodríguez (aka "Agent
Vladimir," above) and Carlos Serpa Maceira (aka "Agent Emilio").
Interviewed on camera, Rodríguez said he had infiltrated the Cuban
Commission for Human Rights and National Reconciliation, an illegal but
tolerated organization directed by Elizardo Sánchez Santacruz.

Serpa said he had infiltrated Ladies in White, pretending to be an
independent journalist and serving as one of the group's contacts with
the U.S. media. Much of the program was devoted to his activities, and
the newspaper Juventud Rebelde on Saturday published an interview with
him (click here for the English version).

Presumably, both men had extensive access to the inner workings of the
two groups, knowledge that could be useful in a possible crackdown by
the Castro government. Both described how money and supplies from
supporters in the U.S. reach the dissidents through the U.S. Interests
Section in Havana.

The comings and goings of dissident leaders and their followers were
captured in surveillance film. Several of the photographs (fot4) were
made inside the U.S. mission.

"There are those who continue to underestimate us, but one thing is very
clear," Serpa says in the newspaper interview. "The organs of Cuban
[State] Security have been, are, and will be present at the right place
and time. The enemies of the Revolution [...] have just not learned the

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