Monday, December 19, 2011

Lifted Prohibitions and Freedom / Regina Coyula

Lifted Prohibitions and Freedom / Regina Coyula
Regina Coyula, Translator: Unstated

I was talking with a neighbor in his thirties or forties, who confessed
to me with relief that, "Raul's regime has improved the conditions of
life, given us some oxygen, because the brother had suffocated us."

I smiled before throwing a bucket of skepticism on his head. "Yes, Raul
is lifting the prohibitions on a lot of absurdities his brother
introduced; but this hasn't improved the economic base, nor improved the
lack of individual freedoms.

"You're always criticizing! Do you deny that we are better off? And now
we don't depend on the Americans or the Russians. For the first time we
are free."

"Freedom is not synonymous with sovereignty. Why do you think they made
these openings?"

My neighbor just opened his eyes and shrugged his shoulders.

"Governability, chico, governability. It is the only reason for these

"What freedom are you talking to me about? Now I can open a little
business, quit the Party and the Union, be my own boss, make my own
rules. This makes me free."

"Sure, if you want a freedom like this," I said, my thumb and forefinger
nearly touching. "You're the ideal for the future for our society. I
congratulate you."

I changed the subject. The guy was left half content between my
congratulations and the plans concocted in his mind. He understood nothing.

December 12 2011

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