Monday, February 20, 2012

Over 140 Cuban Cooperatives Selling Products Directly to Hotels

Over 140 Cuban Cooperatives Selling Products Directly to Hotels
HAVANA, Cuba, Jan 23 (acn)

Over 140 Credit and Services Cooperatives (CSS) that gathers private
farmers have already started selling their agriculture products directly
to hotels, after the Law decree enabling them to do it came into force
at the end of 2011.
Cuban News Agency

Officials at the Ministry of Tourism expressed their satisfaction on this
new system which lifted the red tape regarding the commercialization of
agriculture products, allowing them to receive fresher vegetables, fruits
and meats at a shorter notice, according to Adolfo Alvarado, a member of
the Bureau of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP)

Alvarado told ACN news agency that this program started well in 2012,
especially in the provinces of Matanzas, Ciego de Avila and Villa Clara
provinces, while in Holguín, one with the highest potentials, the process
is still in slow motion.

He explained that along with the direct sales to the tourism sector, they
have supplied the amounts they are bound by contract to the state
companies that commercialize their products for the population and the
excess go to canning factories operating in cooperatives to take advantage
of the products when the crops are above forecasts.

Alvarado summed up a meeting of head of cooperatives located in the
eastern part of Cuba, where exchanged experiences in order to continue
developing the fruit tree plantations throughout the country.

Specialists of the Institute for Research in Tropical Fruit lectured on
grafting, pruning and plant nursery management, knowledge which will then
put into practice in all grassroots farming organizations.

To harness the fruit development program in Cuba, they took as a reference
the Antonio Maceo CCS, located in the municipality of Bejucal, Mayabeque
province, whose experience was taken in 2009 to 28 similar entities, and
then to 100.

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