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Hunger Strike: First Report / Jeovany Jimenez Vega

Hunger Strike: First Report / Jeovany Jimenez Vega
Translating Cuba

Doctor without work on Hunger Strike since March 5

For reasons beyond my control I could not access the Internet today and
send these words to Citizen Zero through my wife. During the first week
of my hunger strike I stayed for most of the time in Marti Park in
Guanajay, located in front of the community clinic in this town, which
was the last place I worked until October 2006. During those days I
moved between this park and the Central Park, opposite the Catholic
Church – separated by about 100 yards – as needed to shelter from the
sun or drink water.

During the first three days I received the usual visits, which never
fail, from various officials of State Security to dissuade me from my
purpose, to make sure that this method does not accomplish anything and
to not allow public places to be used for this type of position.

After a couple of polite conversations I have made it clear that I will
only retire from these places under arrest by them, andI am willing to
go all the way. My answer seems to have been vehement, because since
then I've only known of their presence through the old farts and no
account snitches standing in the sun in their classic observation posts.

On Thursday, March 8, I went to Havana to Antonio Rodiles' house in
Playa, where we recorded an interview for Estado de SATS that we had
previously agreed on, and since my return I haven't left Guanajay.

By Monday 12 March, I was feeling the rigor of my first week of the
hunger strike and couldn't give myself the luxury of continuing to walk
from one park to the other, so I decided to settle in the garden of the
Catholic Church in Guanajay, with the consent of the pastor, my very
dear Father Carreró, who did not object, and so during the afternoon of
that day I established my camp on this site, by whose gate hundreds of
Guanajay residents have passed, most of them showing their strong support.

That night, after Father Carreró received a call from the Central
Committee, from Bishop Serpa of the Diocese of Pinar del Rio, I decided
to move to the entry of the Escolapias religious order, located in
Guanajay Central Park itself, 50 yards from the Catholic Church and
there I have remained to today.

On the afternoon of Friday, March 16, on the 11th day of my hunger
strike, I received a second visit from the troops of Cuban Voices: Yoani
Sanchez, Reinaldo Escobar, Augustine and Orlando Luis Pardo who had been
here on Wednesday the 7th and who returned out of concern for the
progress of this matter. Joisy García also interviewed me during the
first week and published a very objective review on his site.

L-R: Reinaldo Escobar, Escapolias sister (?), Agustín Valentín López
Canino, Yoani Sanchez, Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo, Dr. Jeovany Vega

And so today I complete my second full week of hunger strike. To sustain
myself I am taking only water and some pediatric re-hydration salts. I
stand firm to this day in my demands and the Ministry of Public Health
pretends not to notice, until now keeping an absolute silence regarding
the case and my strike.

I'm still in good health, although I am beginning to feel a more or less
marked, but constant, decline and I have lost over 20 pounds (on Monday,
March 5th, I weighed about 152 pounds).

Since State Security officials are insinuating that I could be being fed
by the Escolapias sisters, I have not gone inside and remain permanently
at the entrance for all to see.

From here I demand that the Cuban Government and the Ministry of Health
take action on this case and allow us to practice our profession. Now
they can only choose between this or letting me die.

Any information can be sent to my cell phone: +5358200251; home phone
362 086 (Artemis) or through Alfredo Felipe Valdes, in exile in Malaga,
Spain (phone 627222638). I will continue to inform via Twitter (DrJVega).

March 19 2012

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