Friday, September 21, 2012

Cuba says next US president should end embargo

Posted on Thursday, 09.20.12

Cuba says next US president should end embargo
The Associated Press

HAVANA -- Cuba's foreign minister says whoever wins America's
presidential election has an 'historic opportunity" to end Washington's
50-year embargo on the island.

Bruno Rodriguez isn't voicing a preference for either President Barack
Obama or Mitt Romney, his Republican challenger in the November vote.

But he says the time has come to end the embargo, which he calls
"obsolete" and a holdover of the Cold War.

Rodriguez made the comments Thursday in presenting Cuba's yearly report
on the effect of the sanctions. The government puts out the report ahead
of a yearly U.N. vote in which most countries will likely once again
condemn the American policy.

He did not say whether his government would make any concessions in
return. Cuba has said previously the U.S. must lift the sanctions

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