Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cuban dissidents end hunger strike over colleague

Posted on Tuesday, 09.18.12

Cuban dissidents end hunger strike over colleague
The Associated Press

HAVANA -- Supporters say a longtime Cuban dissident and her followers
have abandoned a hunger strike on its eighth day after receiving word
the government will meet their main demand.

Martha Beatriz Roque called off the strike when told the government
would free little known dissident Jorge Vasquez, as she has demanded
since Sept. 10.

Roque supporter Rosa Maria Naranjo read a communique to The Associated
Press on Tuesday saying the protest had not been in vain.

The 67-year-old Roque is one of the best known figures in Cuba's small
dissident community. Opposition members say more than two dozen others
participated in the hunger strike.

Cuba's government considers all opposition members to be common
criminals and stooges in the pay of Washington. It has had no public
comment throughout the protest.

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