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Prison Diary III: My Innocence Proved

Prison Diary III: My Innocence Proved / Angel Santiesteban
Posted on March 23, 2013

It's inconceivable that four years later I had to prove my innocence. It
wasn't enough to say it, if I didn't present proofs of it, among which
is the videos that unmasks all the diabolical revenge against me, with
the invention of false witnesses.

If the prosecutor and the accusers present this false testimony, and
their plot is discovered, they are forced to dismantle their strategy of
54 years in prison for Angel.

What else do I have to say to prove my innocence? Are the extensive
irregularities against me not enough? Where is the evidence against me,
except in the manipulated complaint of the Lieutenant Colonel who says
my slanted handwriting indicates I'm guilty?

It is not also enough that they have given me an illegal sentence? Why
take two years presenting proof and witnesses that I'm innocent? Why
don't they ask the Cuban government to present a shred of evidence that
is not the crude joke of my slanted handwriting?

Has it occurred to anyone to think what would have occurred if my
friends hadn't filmed the witness? What would be my condition now with
one person saying he saw me at the scene of the events?

It frightens me that it is not enough to dismantle a false witness and
that someone still comments that my last statement doesn't confirm my
innocence. It makes me ashamed to say over and over: I am innocent.

Why do they ask me to prove it and in other ways pander to State Security?

Why are all Cubans guilty until proven otherwise?
It's not enough to have more than proved my innocence.
The Investigators and all of Counterintelligence could not prove my
guilt with their lies.
To present my innocence I don't have just my own words, there is
clear evidence:
Three and a half years of waiting and building a file. In Cuba
these cases are adjudicated within a few months from the time they open
the investigation file.
Perhaps most striking is the video of the false witness. After
that, what more do I to present?
There were 5 witnesses who testified to the infamy against me and
his declarations about my innocence were unjustly rejected with another
absurd lie. It was also published on-line.
I was sentenced to a term that has nothing to do with the accusation.
The entire defense by my attorney is on the internet, publicly

I call on all those who are interested in knowing the truth to read
these documents and to not keep asking me to write that I am innocent.

I said it, and I did so in court. I proved it and therein lies the
injustice against me.

I don't believe there are honest people who, after reading the documents
on both sides and seeing the video of the false witness, can dare to say
that I have not affirmed my innocence.

I hope that it's for lack of time or being too lazy to read, and not a

I did not want to leave the country when the opportunities presented
themselves, I wanted to be here, in this prison, with my proofs, to
confront the Government, with its injustices, and those who prepare and
carry out its orders, who will go down on history as soldiers of the regime.

I appeal to your conscience, just trust in it.

Ángel Santiesteban-Prats

La Lima Prison

Guanabacoa, Havana.

Documents of interest:

- Recurso de Casación

- Solicitud de apelación de la sentencia

- Video of the false witness Alexis Quintana Quindelán, who confessed
lying under the direction of Kenia Rodríguez who had promised to pay him
with personal benefits.

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