Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Rumor of Being G2, an Imported Harm

The Rumor of Being G2, an Imported Harm / Juan Juan Almeida
Posted on March 26, 2013

Under the direction of Yuri Andropov, of the KGB, a totally terrifying
maneuver was organized, destined to sow doubt in the eyes of the world
to raise questions and stigmatize about the eminent scientist and
activist in favor or human rights and civil liberties, Andrei
Dmitrievich Sakharov, the Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1975.

Against the Russian dissident they created rumors, malicious comments
and jokes, and they falsified and published documents about his personal
life that seemed credible and invited people to judge him. The entire
power of a State against one individual.

Some time has passed since then; but this continues to be the most
common of the assassinations of the credibility and decency of the human

This sign instituted as state terrorism — a very well-learned skill,
with the highest marks, by the "always most humanitarian" revolutionary
government — seems to be gaining momentum. It is the modus operandi,
that MININT (Ministry of the Interior) converts a name into target
practice exaggerating a truth, minimizing realities, distorting points
of views, multiplying the doubts and feeding the rumors.

Everyone who distances themselves from the common doctrine, becomes the
object of criticism, rejection or ridicule. Be it their cultural level,
their manner of dress, of speaking, their skin color, sexual orientation
and even manners. The government strives to hide their dissidence and
manages to identify them as ugly, liars, dysfunctional or frustrated.

Questionable to proceed; but very well thought out; who has among their
aspirations to be poor one day? The idols of the crowd are lovely,
powerful, talented, intelligent or rich.

The are multiple ways to discredit a human being. Whoever dissents
inside or outside the island, or facing this dictatorship that is
committed to not respecting even the most minimal ethical norms, much
less legalities, has an adjective foisted on them to undermine their
authority and reputation.

The most common and overused way of creating distrust of some critic or
opponent is spreading the rumor that "so-and-so works for G2 — Cuban
State Security." Beyond the horror of feeling ashamed when I hear Cubans
questioning Cubans, using the same arguments of the dark machinery that,
although quite rusted, still manages effectively put a wrench in the
gears. We do not need to echo so much doubt.

It is true that technological development is directly proportional to
human freedom; but also the internet has become the perfect tool for the
Cuban State to launch "discrediting active measures," convinced that,
pushed by its agents of influence, special collaborators, and those ever
less sympathetic, using the uninformed, resentful and/or envious as a
breeding ground on the web and social networks.

We need to change old structures, abandon obsessions and with a little
effort erase the prejudices that time marks, like a tattoo, in the
center of the Cuban genome.

The damage is anthropological; we must overcome it, we have to.

7 March 2013

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