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Sonia Garro’s Husband Speaks From Prison about the Accusation of Murder

Sonia Garro's Husband Speaks From Prison about the Accusation of Murder
/ Augusto Cesar San Martin
Posted on September 18, 2013

HAVANA, Cuba , September 17, 2013 , In a phone call
this morning, from the Combinado del Este prison, political prisoner
Ramón Muñoz described as embarrassing the prosecutor's request for a
sentence between 10 and 14 years in prison for his wife, the Lady in
White Sonia Garro.

"We are being accused of something we did not do," said Ramón. "We will
prove that this is a lie, there are videos that show the opposite," he

The prosecution asked for 14 years for Muñoz for the crimes of Public
Disorder and Attempted Murder. It also asks for 10 years for Sonia Garro
on charges of Assault, Public Disorder and Attempted Murder. The trial
date has not yet been set.

In this regard, Ramón said, "If there is someone here guilty of
attempted murder, it's them, who come in shooting and throwing stones.
At no time did we attack them."

He said the government document does not mention that Sonia Garro was
shot in the leg and the beatings she received.

According to the prosecutor's request, read by Ramón, the government has
16 witnesses, all members of the National Revolutionary Police (PNR),
who accuse the couple of Attempted Murder.

Ramón said that Sonia was arrested because she was one of 17 women who
would meet with the Pope Francisco in the Bishopric, during the
prelate's visit to Havana during the prelate's visit to Havana.

"We do not deny the arrest, just ask that Sonia's arrest be legally
documented, something that they never showed."

The prosecutor's report describes the Lady in White as socially
"undesirable," with family life issues . The document also lists Garro
as a person who "openly demonstrated against the revolutionary process,"
the reason why, they say, she "is rejected by the residents of the

"Sonia was studying for a university degree in clinical laboratory and
was never unemployed," said her husband. "It's another big lie in the
request," he added.

Ramón Muñoz wrote a public document for all Cubans where he accuses the
government of carrying out acts of terrorism to come to power. Also, he
denounces beatings of the Ladies in White and the defenders of human
rights in Cuba.

He recalls in his statement the executions of the young people trying to
leave the country hijacked vessel, comparing it with the assault on a
military barracks — the Moncada attack — by those who are still the rulers.

The statement ends with the exhortation to the people to save Cuba from
the dictatorial regime prevailing since 1959.

The couple was violently arrested in 2012. Initially accused of
Terrorism, until the government changed the accusation for the current one.

A home video with the image of Ramón entrenched on the roof of his house
went viral on the internet then. He simply demanded that the his wife be

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of Murder / Augusto Cesar San Martin | Translating Cuba" -

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