Thursday, October 31, 2013

“Normal Travel”: 42% Don’t Return

"Normal Travel": 42% Don't Return / Enrique Del Risco
Posted on October 30, 2013

Colonel Lamberto Fraga, Deputy Director of the Office of Immigration and
Foreigners of CUba, has declared that 57.8 percent of those Cubans who
have traveled abroad since the travel and immigration reforms have
returned to the country, and he concludes:
"We Cubans are not fleeing [the country], this is normal travel."
Thank goodness.
P.S. The 42% (who don't return) are (the figure is not mine) 95,888
Cubans. Three times more than during the rafter crisis. This is what's
called a peaceful Mariel boatlift.
Enrique Del Risco (from his blog: Enrisco)
29 October 2013

Source: ""Normal Travel": 42% Don't Return / Enrique Del Risco |
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