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Prison Diary LXI Solidarity with Dania Virgen Garcia

Prison Diary LXI: Solidarity with Dania Virgen Garcia / Angel Santiesteban
Posted on October 23, 2013

Today I heard that the independent journalist Dania Virgen García is
being warned by State Security that her constant opposition to the
system is disturbing to them.

For this, as is their modus operandi, they use criminals, who are
themselves, as you can see in the clandestine videos when they abuse the
Ladies in White and the opposition in general. First she suffered a
freak accident, I remember that I heard it from the prisoner of
conscience David Piloto, when I was in that horrible Prison 1580. In the
accident she suffered a broken leg. If that weren't alarming enough, we
have to add that when Dania Virgen suffered the "accident" she was with
her grandson.

We know that State Security doesn't send warnings for nothing, they
continue to escalate, to the point of taking your life if necessary, and
if they have entered her home on several occasions, it's no surprise
that in this scene there is a script where Dania Virgen seems to have
been murdered by some criminal who flees and is never found.

I know it seems like a grade-B movie, but it's enough to look at what
has happened in the last three years with the dissidence, to understand
what they're capable of to stay in power.

They know Dania Virgen is stubborn because her denunciations appear
everywhere, she is a busy active Human Rights Activist, always attentive
to news of abuses and violations and writes them up and circulates them.
Her value as an opponent to the dictatorship is vital. A brave and
determined woman respected for her decision to fight against the
totalitarian regime, she has publicly warned them that she will not
think of abandoning the country to save her live, and mentions Laura
Pollán, because like her, she warns them, they will have to tear her
life from her.

Ángel Santiesteban-Prats

Lawton Prison Settlement, October 2013

23 October 2013

Source: "Prison Diary LXI: Solidarity with Dania Virgen Garcia / Angel
Santiesteban | Translating Cuba" -

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