Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Global warming threatens Cuba's top beach resort

Global warming threatens Cuba's top beach resort

Havana, Dec 24 (IANS): A beach resort in Cuba is facing severe erosion
of its coastline due to rising sea levels caused by global warming,
officials said.

The Varadero resort, one of Cuba's main vacation destinations, which
hosts a million tourists annually, is losing 40,000 to 50,000 cubic
metres of sand a year due to erosion, Xinhua cited the Cuban News Agency
(ACN) as saying.

Official figures in 2012 indicated that erosion had affected almost 84
percent of the beaches in Cuba. Several Cuban beaches have already been
washed away.

Cuba is adopting concrete measures to stem erosion in Varadero beaches,
such as by banning construction on sand dunes, said the ministry of
science, technology and environment.

One remedy being implemented in Cuba, as in many other parts of the
world, is building artificial beaches by importing sand from other areas.

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