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On Property Rights (VIII)

On Property Rights (VIII) / Cuban Law Association, Mérida de la C.
Pastor Masson, Esq.
Posted on December 15, 2013
Mérida de la C. Pastor Masson, Esq.

Following a corresponding written order, in relation to article 168, we
will refer to the nature of joint ownership constituted by the
participating State or its agencies, organizations, policies, etc., with
a participating natural person and, which can be extinguished by a cause
such as: Participation and allocation of goods in accordance with its

A purchase by the State or any of its agencies or organizations from
participating natural persons.

A purchase by natural persons from the participating State so long as
this does not include a farmstead.

The sale of a said property and subsequent distribution of monies shall
be allotted to co-owners (State and natural persons) in accordance with
corresponding quota allocations.

In all all cases, purchase and selling operations shall – let us be
clear — be carried out at the official price should this be already
fixed or, otherwise, shall be appraised and established by the
government body empowered to conduct said proceeding.

From this chapter, we only need to mention that pursuant to article 169
which refers to joint co-ownership derived from matrimonial or community
property, said communal holding would be in danger of dissolution when,
under certain circumstances in case of divorce, the community of
marriage had been dissolved by what our Family Codes 29-42 specify as
intent to "malign." Future updates on this topic are currently under review.

Translated by: JCD

11 December 2013

Source: "On Property Rights (VIII) / Cuban Law Association, Mérida de la
C. Pastor Masson, Esq. | Translating Cuba" -

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