Tuesday, February 25, 2014

“Intellectuals in Defense of Humanity” Annoy Families of Cubans Working in Venezuela

"Intellectuals in Defense of Humanity" Annoy Families of Cubans Working
in Venezuela / Luis Felip Rojas
Posted on February 24, 2014

As the world shouts itself hoarse over what's happening in Venezuela,
the Cuban Network of Intellectuals, Artists and Social Movements in
Defense of Humanity assures us that this is nothing more than a ruse of
the "fascist right" and they've launched a tirade in very bad taste from
the site "Segunda cita" (Second Quote), belonging to singer-songwriter
Silvio Rodríguez (the worst taste yet).

Making it all worse is that this Network (hopefully not of the Wasps*)
totally ignores mothers, daughters, sisters, loved ones, gossipy
neighbors and relatives of another ilk who are in suspense for their
loved ones in Venezuela. The brave and harmless Cuban workers (for
example doctors or the sports instructors of the "Blas Roca" contingent)
are trapped in the midst of violence and despair because they've been
momentarily caught in their flip-flops between Caracaibo and Corralillo,
or in the flow of laptop parts between the state of Lara and the town of
Majibacoa, in Las Tunas. Their families in Cuban are screaming blue
murder and now these intellectuals have come to "fuck it all up," as a
young Guantanameran has written to her boyfriend working as a nurse in

"Finally, we call on international solidarity to squelch any attempt to
impose violence in a country which is advancing firmly toward a society
of justice, equality and peace," concludes this letter from the
"professionals of simulation**", among whom are poets fighting for their
literary event, historians praying to God not to take away their
European fellowships, and musicians who aspire to give a concert in the
hills of Caracas to put a sound track to the fists of the National Guard
and the truncheons wielded by the brave boys of the Bolivarian National
Intelligence Service (SEBIN).

Translator's notes:
*A reference to the Wasp Network of Cuban spies stationed in the United
** A sarcastic reference to those who "simulate"… or pretend to believe…
so as not to lose their perks.

22 February 2014

Source: "Intellectuals in Defense of Humanity" Annoy Families of Cubans
Working in Venezuela / Luis Felip Rojas | Translating Cuba -

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