Thursday, February 27, 2014

Jurassic Cuba

Jurassic Cuba / Miriam Celaya
Posted on February 26, 2014

The news agencies don't have a moment's rest these days: a satrap in
Ukraine has been overthrown through demonstrations and street protests
amid the harsh winter, people stand on long lines to see with their own
eyes the pomp and pageantry in which the ex-ruler, an ally of Russia, lived.

In Venezuela, student demonstrations continue, supported by opposition
leaders finally came together to confront the Maduro government. In
Ecuador, the opposition has just delivered a commendable blow to the
government authorities by winning an unquestionable majority vote during
local elections this Sunday February 23rd in important places like Quito
and Guayaquil, putting the brakes on the rampant President of the
"citizens' revolution."

The world is moving at breakneck speed, changing scenarios and
uncovering new players, while we in Cuba remain in the political
Jurassic era, with a government of dinosaurs perpetuated in power.

Judging by the official Cuban press, external reality does not seem to
exist, so the "events" may be a gray "syndicate" congress in a country
where no syndicates exist, a few "reforms" that do not reform anything,
or whatever is dictated by a government that misgoverns a colony of ants
that spends its days striving for sustenance, untouched by the joy of
the liberated, ignorant of the will and courage of the opponents of
Nicolas Maduro, the civility of Ecuadorians who opted for the polls to
control the excessive power ambitions of a thug vested as president, and
of everything that happens in the world beyond the reefs of a damned Island.

Venezuela hits us especially close, because of its shameless sponsorship
by the Cuban dictatorship, obsolete and ruined, extending its evil
shadow over a nation rich in natural and human resources. Fortunately
for them and for us, Venezuela is not a country of zombies.
Nevertheless, it causes sadness and apprehension all at once to see
evidence that other peoples are capable of what we are not.

Pity our country, Cuba, whose children choose silence and flight instead
of exercising their rights against the olive green satrapy that condemns
them to slavery and poverty.

Translated by Norma Whiting
24 February 2014

Source: Jurassic Cuba / Miriam Celaya | Translating Cuba -

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