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Leading Cuban newspaper lauds China's "unique development model"

Leading Cuban newspaper lauds China's "unique development model" | 2014-06-28 10:00:51 | Editor: Fu Peng

HAVANA, June 27 (Xinhua) -- Cuba's leading newspaper on Friday praised
China's success in devising and following its own development model to
sustain its position as one of today's leading powers of trade.

In a lengthy feature article, headlined "China and the realization of a
dream," daily newspaper Granma praised the Asian nation for "choosing
its own path to development."

In the past 35 years, China has lifted millions out of poverty, built
modern cities, attracted the world's most important businesses and
become "one of the main trade partners for Europe, the United States,
Latin America, Asia and Africa," said the article.

The author, who attended a recent seminar in China on "Socialism in the
21st Century," noted that now China has succeeded in generating wealth,
it is looking to fairly distribute that wealth.

To do that, the article said, China "has chosen its own path to
development: socialism with Chinese particularities, in harmony with
nature, with its neighbors and with the world."

In the past, development in China was intensively driven by foreign
investment and exports, a situation with certain drawbacks, including
environmental pollution and uneven regional growth.

This new stage, in contrast, "is oriented towards a growth model... that
will grant a much greater role to science and technology in production,
and concerned with building a civilization that is ecologically
sustainable," said Granma.

China's development reform will "redirect its growth model towards
domestic consumption," taking advantage of being home to "the world's
largest market," added the newspaper, noting that it will also "limit
its dependence on the exterior."

The state plans to reduce its role in socioeconomic and business
activities, and to that end has created the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, a
testing ground for economic and social reforms, said the article.

"China has successfully adapted the laws of the marketplace to its
concrete conditions and needs, without abandoning its socialist
imperative to leave no one behind," Granma said.

Source: Leading Cuban newspaper lauds China's "unique development model"
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