Friday, June 27, 2014

New Reforms to Emigration Policy?

New Reforms to Emigration Policy? / Laritza Diversent
Posted on June 26, 2014

Although recent legislative changes to immigration laws in Cuba
represent a step forward, they still retain aspects that are political
and restrictive in nature and in violation of the right to free movement.

The changes to immigration regulations do improve the legal wording and
drop any reference to entry and/or exit permits and to the letter of
invitation, which had been a tacit acknowledgement of Cubans' inability
to travel from an economic point of view.

In practice the situation remains the same. The requirements of most of
foreign embassies located on the island and the high fees charged for
travel documents, which must be paid in hard currency, make the
possibility of traveling overseas an impossible dream for most Cubans.

However, new policies have been put into effect and new categories have
been created. In residential real estate, for example, guarantees are
now being offered to foreign residents and their families as well as to
owners and renters of real estate on the island.

The state is clearly focusing on sectors with economic potential:
foreigners and emigres. The latter are being given the opportunity to
reclaim a residence on the island and with it the right to take part in
elections, become self-employed, buy cars and homes, etc.

However, the possibility that the Ministry of the Interior might grant
this right to Cubans living overseas — to people not physically living
in the country — no doubt means that it will choose which emigres shall
and shall not regain their rights.

16 June 2014

Source: New Reforms to Emigration Policy? / Laritza Diversent |
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