Monday, December 29, 2014

The Effects of Bureaucracy in Cuba

The Effects of Bureaucracy in Cuba
December 28, 2014
Mercedes González Amade

HAVANA TIMES — Thanks to Havana Times I have been able to meet wonderful
and very humane persons; from the way we are living these days I thought
people like that no longer existed.

In this space I have told a few passages of my life, the difficult life
of a disabled woman, but not for people to take pity on me or give away
anything. However, kindhearted people have been moved and have given me
help, as well as others with a similar situation to mine.

But often that help, especially if it comes through donations, fails.
The bureaucracy, whose role should be to facilitate such deliveries,
instead hinders them. It has managed to block, for example, that means
of locomotion (wheelchairs) reach those in need.

Often when a donation is sent its takes forever to arrive, no one knows
why, and no one informs us where the bottleneck is.
Those who make a donation despair seeing that despite all the money
invested and the efforts made, the items sent are lost or infinitely
slow in reaching the recipients. We have cultivated a Chinese patience.

I want to take the opportunity here to thank all those who seek to help us.

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