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A Letter to Fidel Castro from ‘A Revolutionary Cuban’

A Letter to Fidel Castro from 'A Revolutionary Cuban' / 14ymedio
Posted on January 25, 2015

Dear Fidel,

I know you're dead. Despite their attempts to hide it from me, to deny
it or to lie about it with false letters bearing your signature, I am
convinced of your death.

I don't believe you capable of abandoning us now, at the moment when we
need you most, because that's not what you have accustomed us to. I
can't imagine you sitting back on your recliner enjoying a good book,
listening to music or eating your favorite dishes knowing that the
course of this country is changing at a vertigo-provoking speed that we
are not used to and that we are now faced with the impossible task of
writing a new chapter in our history without a leader. I can't picture
you oblivious or indifferent, absent as if you were roaming on an adrift
cruise ship, or wandering some faraway lands, ignoring what happens on
this island that gave you life, that gave you glory, and made you
universal. I also know that you would never cower like an ostrich or a
rat before the dangers that stalk us.

I know that if you were still alive you would be, right now, exhorting
us to defy these dangers like you always have. You would be warning us
of the threats that, invisible to us, only you are capable of seeing. If
you were alive, we would have seen you, filled with emotion, embrace
your Cuban Five, your heroes, for whose freedom we rallied behind you in
every campaign, march, parade, and act. If you still held on to life,
you wouldn't allow the threat of the empire to fly again over our heads,
except this time closely, too closely, and with new arms and combat
tactics for which we are unprepared. You wouldn't allow savage
capitalism to return to Cuba nor for those whom we once vanquished by
simply throwing eggs at them to come back as proud victors.

If even a drop of life were to still inhibit your body, you would give
your people a dignified goodbye, that people that has supported you in
everything: in the liberation war, by cleansing the
counter-revolutionary threats that hid in the Escambray Mountains,
working the arduous sugarcane zafras, repudiating the "worms", the
"antisocials", and the "scum," betting our lives in Angola, Nicaragua,
or Venezuela with rifles, notebooks and pencils or white coats, on
volunteer work, giving what little we had to others and receiving
nothing in exchange, and battling today, defenselessly, your most recent
detractors. Right now, it's your obligation to stand with us and you
know it.

You surely haven't forgotten (I haven't) your favorite slogans, like
"Homeland or Death" and "Socialism or Death", those that you pronounced
at the end of every speech in a firm tone, and that we followed with
cries of "We will be victorious" before we applauded you in passionate
approval while exclaiming "Long live Fidel" and "Long live the
Revolution." If neither the Homeland nor Socialism interest you any
longer, the only logical explanation is that death has won against you
in that final battle and we should not be kept in the dark, we should
know, if at least out of respect for those that have supported you
unconditionally, so that we may grieve you and honor you with a humble
but heartfelt tribute.

And if your death not be true, excuse my sincerity Comandante, I'd
rather continue thinking you're dead because it's simply the best option
I have to keep my faith as a Revolutionary.

A Revolutionary Cuban, January 16 2015

3 and 25 p.m.*

*Translator's Note: Fidel Castro signs his writings with the time
expressed in this way.

Translated by Fernando Fornaris

14ymedio, 23 January 2015

Source: A Letter to Fidel Castro from 'A Revolutionary Cuban' / 14ymedio
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