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Fidel Castro Says He Doesn’t Trust the USA

Fidel Castro Says He Doesn't Trust the USA
January 26, 2015

But at the same time supports the thaw in relations

HAVANA TIMES — Former President Fidel Castro, 88, said today in a public
letter that he "does not trust US policy," but supports the approach
taken by his brother Raul, the current president, reported dpa news.

"I do not trust the US policy nor have I exchanged a word with them,
without this meaning a rejection of a peaceful solution of conflicts and
dangers of war," said Fidel Castro in his first statement since
Washington and Havana announced in mid-December that they would resume
diplomatic relations.

"The president of Cuba has taken the appropriate steps according to his
prerogatives and powers granted by the National Assembly and the
Communist Party of Cuba," said Fidel Castro about the agreement reached
between his brother Raul and US President Barack Obama.

"We will always defend cooperation and friendship with all peoples of
the world, including those of our political opponents," he said in the
letter read this evening on state television.

Fidel Castro had not stated his position since the agreement last
December 17 between Washington and Havana to resume diplomatic
relations. The state media has not published current photos of the
former president, for example alongside the three Cuban Five agents
newly released by the United States as part of a prisoner swap agreed on
by Obama and Raul Castro.

The silence of Fidel Castro was causing concern for weeks on the island.
His absence also sparked earlier this month a new wave of rumors about
his supposed death, especially in the anti-Castro Cuban exile media
based in Miami and Madrid.

Fidel's letter was addressed to the Federation of University Students
and was read in full by a student into a microphone at a ceremony
broadcast on state television.

"Many friends of Cuba know the exemplary conduct of our people, and to
them I briefly explain my position," said the former president in the
letter signed at noon on Monday.

The US and Cuba began last week in Havana negotiations to resume
diplomatic ties after more than 50 years of rupture. They will soon hold
a new round of talks on a date to be determined in Washington.

Source: Fidel Castro Says He Doesn't Trust the USA - Havana Times.org -

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