Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Obama’s Intent Is ‘to Empower the Cuban Government,’ Not the Cuban People - Rubio

Rubio: Obama's Intent Is 'to Empower the Cuban Government,' Not the
Cuban People
Jan. 26, 2016 4:03pm Fred Lucas

Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio, a Cuban-American,
expressed outrage over the Obama administration's decision to further
relax sanctions on Cuba.

"The Obama administration's one-sided concessions to Cuba further
empower the regime and enable it with an economic windfall," Rubio, a
Florida senator, said in a statement Tuesday. "These regulations are
more proof that the Obama administration's intent has never been to
empower the Cuban people but rather to empower the Cuban government's
monopolies and state-run enterprises."

The Obama administration announced more changes in relations with Cuba
Tuesday, including the lifting of additional export, financial and
travel sanctions, which is set to happen Wednesday.

"Our U.S. policy toward Cuba should be driven by our national security
interests, securing greater political freedoms and defending the human
rights of the Cuban people, none of which are advanced through Obama's
latest concessions," Rubio added.

"By expanding people-to-people ties, business opportunities, and greater
access to information, we are promoting the transformation of our
relationship in ways that advance U.S. interests and improve the lives
of the Cuban people," White House National Security Council spokesman
Ned Price said in a statement. "The President has repeatedly underscored
that our Cuba policy has changed, and supports increasing connections
between the people of the United States and Cuba."

Price insisted it would expand human rights.

"Engagement and purposeful steps like those announced today will
continue to empower the Cuban people and advance our enduring objectives
of supporting human rights, improving the lives of the Cuban people, and
promoting closer ties between our peoples," Price added.

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew said the changes build on the
administration's policies since President Barack Obama normalized
relations with the Castro regime in December 2014.

"Today's amendments to the Cuban Assets Control Regulations build on
successive actions over the last year and send a clear message to the
world: the United States is committed to empowering and enabling
economic advancements for the Cuban people," Lew said in a statement.
"We have been working to enable the free flow of information between
Cubans and Americans and will continue to take the steps necessary to
help the Cuban people achieve the political and economic freedom that
they deserve."

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the Cuban People | -

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