Friday, July 22, 2016

Fuego Enterprises, Inc. developing Cuba’s first e-commerce website

Fuego Enterprises, Inc. developing Cuba's first e-commerce website

Fuego Enterprises, Inc. (OTCUS: FUGI), a diversified holdings company
focused on business opportunities in Cuba and the United States, is
positioning itself to enter what many predict will be the biggest market
in the Caribbean: online classified ads and e-commerce in Cuba.

After recently acquiring majority control of U.S.-based website, a Craigslist-style marketplace and classified
advertising hub for Cuba, Fuego (FUGI) currently is enhancing the
platform to become the most trusted site for Cubans to purchase new and
used goods as well as services. boasts thousands of new
ads every day in more than 100 categories and draws hundreds of
thousands of monthly average visitors. offers the classified ad categories most wanted in the
Cuban market today, including apartments and real estate, handmade
products, art pieces, electronics, jobs, travel, repair services,
construction, buying and selling cars, clothes, beauty products and many

Users currently do not pay anything to buy and sell goods and services
via the platform, and conduct their own private negotiations and
transactions without Porlalivre participating. However, Porlalivre
recently initiated a revenue model in which users can pay for preferred
ad placements in search results (similar to google paid search results).
Now part of OnCuba, a magazine on Cuba for the U.S. market, it offers a
comprehensive crossover advertising solution for companies interested in
reaching Cubans in the island and abroad. And soon users in the U.S. and
Cuba will be able to purchase artisanal and handmade goods from Cuba.
Once online merchant transactions become legal in Cuba,
plans to gain significant revenues from those online transaction fees,
similar to time-tested models like those of Amazon and eBay.

While a few other classified ad platforms exist in Cuba, they have been
cobbled together using outdated technology and modes-thus limiting
geographic reach, search capabilities and results. Porlalivre's advanced
technology and infrastructure includes geographic location data, more
than 100 categories and search capabilities that deliver results despite
the use of synonyms, plural vs singular and spelling mistakes. The
results are organized as to such criteria as relevance and publication date.

"Already the site is very successful and popular among Cubans, despite
the connectivity limitations in the island," said Ariel Machado, Fuego
(FUGI) Vice President and President of Porlalivre, Inc. "We believe
Porlalivre will pioneer e-commerce in U.S. for original Cuban goods, as
well as deliver an exceptional opportunity to Cuban business owners by
offering a trusted and secure environment to reach thousands of users
across the island and abroad and conduct their services and
transactions, once allowed."

Source: Fuego Enterprises, Inc. developing Cuba's first e-commerce
website | In Cuba Today -

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