Thursday, July 21, 2016

Repression Instead of Solutions

Repression Instead of Solutions / Fernando Dámaso

Fernando Damaso, 19 July 2016 — The topic of discussion among Havanans
today is not only the intense heat and "the evil of it," but also the
beginning of the persecution and repression against self-employed taxi
drivers who have raised their prices.

Given the lack of public transport, which has been going on for a long
time, the so-called "boatmen" — as the private drivers are called — have
been a boon to citizen transport, helping to alleviate the problem.
Taking into account the cost of their vehicles, from the high prices of
fuel, the nonexistent parts for repairs, and the increased taxes they
have to pay, they have raised their prices.

The response from the Council of Public Administration of the city's
People Power, a regressive and inefficient replacement for the former
Mayor, has responded with controls, sanctions and withdrawal of licenses
from those who violate the previous prices, all of this being applied as
of this last Monday.

Cuban leaders should explain to the citizens why they destroyed the
systems of public transportation that functioned efficiently at low
prices prior to January 1959, and in 58 years have not been capable of
creating one that works.

Repressing those who help transport citizens, in the face of the state's
inability to do so, is not a good decision, and if they don't stop doing
it the situation will become chaotic and could even become violent. The
need to move from one place to another has existed since the dawn of
mankind, and is not resolved with decrees or impositions, but with
efficient and sufficient public transport.

Source: Repression Instead of Solutions / Fernando Dámaso – Translating
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