Monday, September 26, 2016

A Not Very Smart Rejection

A Not Very Smart Rejection / Fernando Dámaso

Fernando Damaso, 24 September 2016 — At the end of World War II, and
after the capitualtion of imperial Japan, thousands of young Japanese of
both sexes went to the United States to study, supported by scholarships
granted by the US. This allowed them, once they graduated, to support
the accelerated development of their nation, and to leave behind the
secular backwardness in which they had lived.

The young Japanese of the time, who had suffered the horrors of the war,
were able to forget about the indoctrination against the United States,
"the enemy," that they'd been subjected to for years. And they
demonstrated that they could be modern without renouncing their roots or
their national identity.

Today Cuban young people, indoctrinated in the "socialist idiotology,"
through their "governmental student organizations — Young Communist
League, Federation of University Students, Federation of Secondary
Students, and others — and "counseled" by "retired agents" and "official
spokespeople" well known for their histories of submission and political
opportunism, reject "massively" — in public demonstrations — the
scholarships offered to them by the United States, alleging that the
only objective of this program is to convert them into
"counterrevolutionary leaders."

In reality, the ruling system in Cuba is, itself, the best school
available for teaching students to be against it.

The young people of today who thoughtlessly reject the scholarships will
regret this missed opportunity once this absurd era of failed "Messiahs"
and even worse "disciples" passes, and they will lament the lost
opportunity to support the development of their country in a healthy and
normal situation, when civic responsibility takes precedence over
politicking slogans.

The current backwardness of Cuba is not the fault of the embargo, but of
the lack of ability among its leaders and of the "socialist idiotology"
inculcated in its citizens.

Source: A Not Very Smart Rejection / Fernando Dámaso – Translating Cuba

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