Monday, September 26, 2016

Cuban Police Seize Legal Center’s Work Equipment

Cuban Police Seize Legal Center's Work Equipment / 14ymedio

14ymedio, Havana, 24 September 2016 – Friday's police assault against
the headquarters of Cubalex, Center of Legal Information, located in the
Havana municipality of Arroyo Naranjo, resulted in the seizure of six
computers, several hard drives, USB drives and cell phones. The officers
informed the lawyer Laritza Diversent that she could be accused of the
crime of "illicit economic activity," according to a report from the
activist Kirenia Yalit to this newspaper.

The headquarters of the independent group was searched on Friday,
by members of the National Revolutionary Police (PNR) and members of
State Security, who stormed the place breaking down the doors.

The thorough search of the building lasted until after eleven p.m. and
"when it seemed that everything was going to end and they had concluded
their interrogations" of the activists, they forced them to strip naked
"and squat to verify that there was nothing hidden in their bodies,"
said Yalit.

The independent lawyers denounce the fact that they never showed a
warrant that met the requirements for a search.

"They took everything, they just left some chairs and tables," says
Yalit, which 14ymedio was able to confirm through sources near the
site. The prosecutor who led the operation informed the attorneys that
the case "is of interest to the Attorney General of the Republic" and
that they would undertake all relevant investigations to determine
whether to proceed with an indictment against them.

Dayan Pérez Noriega, who was taken to a police station when he tried to
send Twitter messages about what was happening, was released at around
ten at night. The attorney Julio Ferrer, a member of Cubalex, remains
missing after having been intercepted by the police on Friday.

After the operation at the property was completed, the lawyers received
no immediate injunction, fines or written summons.

Attorney Laritza Diversent intends to denounce "the outrage committed,"
as she has done on previous occasions when she demanded the return of
her belongings seized by Cuban Customs at the airport.

The Legal Information Center, Cubalex, is an independent agency that has
provided free legal advice since 2010. The lawyers' group also focuses
on human rights issues. In July of this year Cuba's Ministry of Justice
rejected the application filed by the group's members for legal status
for the organization.

Source: Cuban Police Seize Legal Center's Work Equipment / 14ymedio –
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