Sunday, January 15, 2017

Tania Bruguera detained in Cuba again

Tania Bruguera detained in Cuba again
Artist and activist was in her home country to deliver aid
by LAURIE ROJAS | 13 January 2017

The Cuban artist and activist Tania Bruguera was detained and
interrogated in Cuba yesterday (12 January). Bruguera was travelling by
car from Havana to the Cuban city of Baracoa to deliver humanitarian
aid, such as rice and mattresses, to the victims of Hurricane Matthew.
She was delivering the aid as part of her work for the Institute of
Artivism Hannah Arendt (Instar), which she launched two years ago.

Bruguera and her companion, the scientist Oscar Casanellas, were
"intercepted" by police who needed to carry out an inspection and a
document check on the vehicle in which they were travelling, according
to an Instar statement posted on Facebook. The artist's sister, Deborah
Brugera, tells The Art Newspaper that after being interrogated for
around six hours she was released but told she would not be allowed to
deliver the aid.

The artist is expected to fly back to Boston, Massachusetts today where
she is teaching at Harvard University.

Bruguera was arrested in January 2015 after she attempted to organise a
performance in Havana's Plaza de la Revolution. Cuban authorities
confiscated her passport and charged her with incitement of public
disorder, resistance of police and incitement to commit a crime. She was
released the same month but only had her passport returned after seven
months later. Since then, she has been detained by Cuban authorities on
numerous occasions.

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