Friday, September 17, 2010

Communist Party Readies Cubans for Government Layoffs

Communist Party Readies Cubans for Government Layoffs

HAVANA – Cuba's ruling Communist Party is asking the Committees for the
Defense of the Revolution to help explain to the public the plans to
eliminate 500,000 state jobs in the next six months.

Central Committee official Jose Raul Pampillo asked the committees,
known collectively as the CDR, to make an effort to "transfer
confidence" to the populace before the changes approach, the official
Prensa Latina news agency said.

Thus, it said that one of the committees' "fundamental tasks" will be
"to ensure that the measures that will soon be implemented are
understood, especially the elimination of inflated payrolls," and it
added that they must "be prepared to inform and argue (in favor of) the
appropriateness of this decision," Pampillo said.

The agency added that the participants at the 4th Meeting of the
National Directorate of the CDR "supported the process of economic
changes aimed at improving the country's productivity."

Cuba's only legal union, the CTC, on Monday announced radical changes in
the country's economic policy, including the laying off of half a
million state workers over a six-month period and the opening up of the
country to private initiative through self-employment.

The CDR, which constituted the largest organization of the masses in
Cuba, say that they have 8.8 million members, or 95 percent of the
population over the age of 14.

Called "the eyes and ears of the revolution" by Fidel Castro, the tasks
of the CDR include organizing nighttime monitoring activities, providing
information about neighbors and workplaces and mobilizing the public to
attend political events or to evacuate zones when a hurricane threatens,
although now they will also have to explain to the public the need for
the employment adjustments. EFE

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