Thursday, September 30, 2010

Salsa: Cuban culture in China

Salsa: Cuban culture in China

Salsa is a dance that originates in Cuba, but lately the passionate
Latin music and dance is becoming more popular among Chinese people.

Many salsa lovers choose to learn Spanish or travel to Cuba to learn how
to really get in the groove. Let's find out what makes it so fun.

This is one of the most famous Salsa clubs in Beijing. Many salsa lovers
come to enjoy the passion and joy the dance brings. They feel
unrestrained and free when the music is on.

Salsa, passes on the joy of dancing to the Chinese people. Through
Salsa, more Chinese people are starting to learn the culture and history
of Cuba.

Wang Yi, salsa lover, said, "Cuba is an enthusiastic country full of
passion. Through Salsa, the Chinese people can feel the enthusiasm
coming from the Caribbean. It is like a refreshing Ocean breeze from
Central America. "

Ai Yuxin, salsa lover, said, "In my impression, Cuba has Hemingway,
endless white beaches, cigars, hospitable people, an outstanding leader,
as well as very advanced medical science. It is a pity that I have never
been able to go to the country. But I am dreaming of going there one day."

Wang Ting, salsa lover, said, "When I was studying in Cuba, we took
Salsa dance class every week. Cubans are extremely good at it. We can
really feel the enthusiasm from the people. This passion motivates me.
Since then, I fell in love with Salsa too."

Mr. Huo is one of the founders of this salsa club. He visited Cuba
several times in the past 7 years. The spirit and hospitality of the
Cuban people left a deep impression on him. After falling in love with
the dance he began running this club. Now, he hopes more Chinese people
can learn salsa and the Cuban culture through dance.

Huo Yaofei, salsa dance coach, said, "I like salsa very much. Then, I
went to Cuba to learn more about it. I think Salsa is very bold and
passionate. This is what many Chinese lack in our own culture. I hope to
bring it back to China and let more people enjoy the Latin culture."

In 2006, the first Chinese Salsa international Convention was
successfully held in Beijing. The dance has helped promote Sino-Cuban
cultural exchanges.

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