Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cuba upgrades seismic network with Chinese help

Cuba upgrades seismic network with Chinese help
13:18, September 28, 2010

Cuba is updating its seismic network with Chinese technology and the
process will be finished this year, Bladimir Moreno, director of Cuba's
National Earthquake Research Center, said Monday.

After the update, information on the movement of the tectonic plates
will be available online, and with that Cuba's earthquake research
center will be linked to 150 stations and institutes worldwide to share
seismic data on the Internet, Moreno said.

Among the equipment installed there are 18 highly sensitive seismometers
made in China, he added.

"With those devices it is possible to record seismic signals within a
higher frequency range, to conduct groundbreaking researches on the
internal structure of the earth, and also to detect events so far
undetectable," Moreno explained.

"For the first time and thanks to this advanced technology, the Cuban
seismology network will be linked to the Central Station in real time,
displaying all the earthquake traces at the time of their occurrence and
reducing the response time," the expert said.

Over 25 perceptible earthquakes have been reported in Cuba so far this year.



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