Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cuba Warns Against Increasing Corruption in Civil Service

Thursday, 22 September 2011 17:58

Cuba Warns Against Increasing Corruption in Civil Service

HAVANA: Cuba's official press has blasted the "corrupt and corruptors"
more specifically "those scoundrels dressed in civil servant
responsibilities" as they put at risk the island's long struggle to make
Socialism successful.

"Juventud Rebelde" daily revealed lately it has emerged in the limelight
trials of people "embedded in their cysts of power" who have become
personally rich "with resources that belong to the Cuban people and are
so dear for a poor country oppressed by the implacable imperial lash".

Indicating that trials continue, the daily publication of the Communist
youth party warns that "corrupt and corruptors" are still
"disaggregating our most sacred values and thus, if we refer to facts,
they are proof of their sapper attempts against Socialism".

Likewise writes the newspaper "those scoundrels dressed in civil servant
responsibilities", if Socialism were to collapse in Cuba, "have ranting
dreams imagining they will belong to the crest of opulent speculators".

Since President Raul Castro announced in 2008 a sweep against rampant
corruption in the country and particularly in the ruling communist
party, the local press has been reporting some trials and sentences,
although the extent and number of people accused and indicted is a
well-kept secret.

However sources said that it is known that a string of scandals in
Cuba's telecommunications, aviation, nickel, cigar and other industries
have led to the arrests and dismissals of scores of government
officials, including some deputy ministers.

Some have had great international impact when they refer to foreigners
working in companies established in Cuba.

One of the latest to emerge but leaked through Miami has been the case
of the arrest of President Raul Castro's youngest daughter's boyfriend,
sources said.

Julio Cesar Diaz Garrandes, a former Miami resident who has bragged of
being a spy for Cuba, has been held in an interrogation center in Havana
for three months, sources told El Nuevo Herald daily

However his sister Maria, who lives in Miami, told El Nuevo Herald that
they spoke by telephone and that he had denied being under detention.
"He is well," she added.

Diaz Garrandes is the boyfriend of Nilsa Castro, the youngest of the
Cuban ruler's three daughters. Both in their late 40s, they have been
together for years but are not married and keep separate homes, the
sources added.

"He is in jail, no doubt on that," said one Cuban man who has known Diaz
Garrandes in both Havana and Miami. He said he learned of the detention
from contacts high in the Cuban government.

The man added that the boyfriend was under investigation, but has not
been charged, in a corruption case involving an unidentified
Canadian-Spanish company that was doing business with the Cuban government.

Juan Juan Almeida, who lived for a time in Raul Castro's house because
he was the son of a hero of the revolution, was reported by official
media saying that Diaz Garrandes was being held in a military facility.

- Bernama

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