Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Cuban People Continues to Suffer

Publicado el 09-28-2011

The Cuban People Continues to Suffer

If someone had any hope that the sacrifice of the Cuban people was
entering into a stage of reduction or revision, that someone was clearly
wrong by failing to interpret the historic reality of more than half a
century when Fidel Castro took over power and installed a totalitarian
tyranny with the help of his brother Raúl, who now heads that tyranny,
without this meaning that Fidel Castro is no longer a determining factor
in control of the situation.

What Cuba has is a totalitarian regime, regardless of its hues. The
fundamental thing is that the regime functions with full powers and that
the country is subjected to a situation totally incompatible with what
democracy and any form of political tolerance are.

The Ladies in White, that already are an institution in their efforts to
free their country, are openly and violently persecuted. The same thing
happens to other groups, which are less well-known abroad, that are also
trying to fight against the dictatorship. That dictatorship prevails and
there is no hope –although some might have had it– that Cuba might again
be a republic, albeit with certain limitations. The totalitarian state
is there with all its characteristics incompatible with democracy.

Unfortunately, in the international scene there are many governments
that purposely ignore what is happening in Cuba and act in ways that
favor the tyranny. Many are these governments that are openly
irresponsible and, to describe it better, that are complicit with the
tyranny. They behave with brutal hypocrisy, as if there were no
totalitarian dictatorship, as if the Cuban people were enjoying some
important manifestations of liberty. And there is nothing like that, no
significant liberty, nor relative liberty.

It is necessary that no one take for granted that there are reforms in
Cuba in favor of that freedom. Whatever change there is, if any, is in
the sense of entrenching the tyranny, of strengthening the liberticidal

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