Sunday, July 29, 2012

Inverse Racism

Inverse Racism / Rebeca Monzo
Rebeca Monzo, Translator: Unstated   

A friend who works in a place where it is very well-known told me that he along with his co-workers, are puzzled because there are Immigration Offices, where only black people work there, and that calling attention to this and looking into it, they could only learn that by resolution, the order was given, because the rate of Afro-Cubans in these offices was very low. Now this happened some years ago with the Communist Party.

As Maximo Gomez said well, referring to us Cubans: we fall short or we go too far. This is not just a new form of racism. This time, affecting whites, Chinese and mixed race, who are also important members of our society.

How long will we keep repeating the same mistakes? To get a job or not should depend on the ability to do the work implied, not the skin color of the aspirant. It’s shameful that with more than half a century of proclaiming “equality” we still mark this type of difference which only serves to further deepen inequality.

July 27 2012

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