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Prison Diary XXXII My Gratitude

Prison Diary XXXII: My Gratitude / Angel Santiesteban
Posted on June 27, 2013

Making a cut in the first quarter of a month in prison, I must thank in
principle, the tantrum of the Castro brothers for my blog, for my
opposition to the system, which led them to create a terrible judicial
process against me that imprisoned me without proofs, and for having
been convicted in advance by Agent Camilo of State Security, before the
Court ruled.

I must also be grateful for the opportunity to share the pain of so many
Cubans, mostly young people not able to leave the country or see any
option other than crime, given that the spectrum of opportunities for
young people is infinitesimal. I should also be grateful for the
invaluable opportunity brought to me by power to conduct this
sociological study of the problems in the nation from this "privileged"
scenario, because here in this horrific concentration camp, everything
is exposed.

Being here has allowed me to corroborate one more time that my attitude
towards power is correct, and I will not stop denouncing the abuses and
irresponsibility of the Government toward its citizens.

To top it off, during these four months of confinement, I have
maintained the level of complaints because the violations of the human
rights they commit daily, because there is no day when they don't beat
the prisoners, who although fainting, continue to be badly beaten;
because the food, which I have never accepted, is terrible with fetid
odors, badly processed, lacking refrigeration, in short, pestilent;
because the overcrowding reigns, because hygiene is non-existent.

Despite all this daily calamity, I have finished three novels and a book
of short stories. By the way, the last I wrote was seized by Major
Llorente, the "unit's politico," in reprisal because in Paris he read a
story of mine, at an event that paid tribute to imprisoned and
persecuted writers. Thank God it was a work I'd managed to get out with
my family, and it is well-protected. As a gift, when I have it
completely finished, I am thinking of giving him a copy, precisely
because it talks about his horrors in the prison to which I have been

Ángel Santiesteban-Prats
Prison 1580

Editors' note: The day after tomorrow, June 28, Angel Santiesteban will
complete 4 months in prison, months in which he has contributed in an
exemplary way to denouncing all the abuses committed in Cuba which the
world, with its complicit silence, blesses. The most difficult 4 months
that he has served with absolute dignity, with his head held high and
looking into his eyes, with the peaceful spirit a peaceful conscience
provides. He is "doing" and writing the story that few dare to tell. We,
his family and friends, are very proud of him. God bless him!

26 June 2013

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