Saturday, June 22, 2013

Two solar parks going up in Cuba

Two solar parks going up in Cuba

CUBA STANDARD — Cuba is building two solar collector parks, for a total
capacity of 5 mw, official media reported.

Both the Cantarrana photovoltaic park near Cienfuegos and the Santa
Teresa-Los Güiros park in Guantánamo are in the last construction phase
and expected to be operational before the end of the year.

Cantarrana, the largest solar array in Cuba, with 14,100 solar panels
generating 2.6 mw on 4.72 hectares, already contributed 1 mw since April
to the national grid. Full operation is expected to begin in August.
Construction cost of the completely automatized system was 4 million
pesos, according to Xinhua.

The Santa Teresa-Los Güiros park in Guantánamo, with 10,800 panels on 5
hectares, is planned to start operating in December.

Both are using Chinese-designed panels that are assembled in Cuba.

Cubasolar, the government agency in charge of solar energy, has
installed solar arrays in 410 schools, 165 public TV rooms, 20 social
clubs, and 500 residences in rural off-grid areas. The two solar farms
are the first large-scale, on-grid projects in Cuba; the project is run
by Empresa de Hídroenergía, a subsidiary of state utility Unión Eléctrica.

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