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Cuba Perfume Scandal Takes New Turn

Cuba Perfume Scandal Takes New Turn
September 27, 2014

HAVANA TIMES — The work of the alternative online media had a strong
impact at the highest levels of the Cuban government with the news about
the new perfumes "Ernesto" (for Che Guevara) and "Hugo" (for Hugo Chavez) .

On Saturday the official Granma newspaper published a press release in
which the Executive Committee of the Council of Ministers confirmed the
facts and promised to punish those who devised the marketing "tribute"
to Che and Hugo Chavez.

The following is the message from the Council of Ministers.

The Symbols Are Sacred

The Congress recently organized by LABIOFAM included the presentation of
two perfumes that, according to statements to the international press
from executives of that company, would carry as brands the names of
"Ernesto" and "Hugo," in an alleged "homage" to Comandantes Ernesto
"Che" Guevara and Hugo Chávez Frías.

The details of this irresponsible act were analyzed in depth last night,
Friday, September 26, with the director of the company and the staff who
had presented the product, still in the development phase and therefore
not yet produced commercially, much less registered.

It was learned that it isn't true that the relatives of "Che" and Chávez
approved such utilization of their names, as one of the company
executives had told the United States news agency Associated Press.

Because of this grave error, the appropriate disciplinary measures will
be taken.

Initiatives of this nature will never be accepted by our people or the
Revolutionary Government.

The symbols of yesterday, today and forever are sacred.

Executive Committee of the Council of Ministers

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