Monday, September 29, 2014

The High Cost of the Five

The High Cost of the Five / Fernando Damaso
Posted on September 28, 2014

The trial in which the five Cuban spies were found guilty and sentenced
to prison — a place where they enjoy internet access, regular phone
calls, the means to entertain themselves (painting supplies, tools for
writing poetry, etc.), sanitary living conditions, comfortable jail
cells, medical care, nutritious food, gym facilities, a wardrobe and
other comforts — has cost and continues to cost the American taxpayer a
tidy sum of money.

However, it has undoubtedly cost the Cuban people even more. We are the
ones paying the high salaries of their lawyers. Through our embassies
overseas we pay to support the various solidarity groups seeking their
release, the members of which are also invited as political tourists on
all-expense-paid visits to Cuba.

As though that were not enough, there are also the round-trip airline
tickets for all their extended family members, who routinely visit them
in prison and proselytize on their behalf. There are also the costs
associated with providing these family members with wardrobes, spending
money, food and lodging. Add to this the expenses for the spies who have
already been released and who now serve as international spokespersons.

There is the ongoing expense of demonstrations of support in Cuban
schools, factories and businesses. There are the marches, rallies and
concerts in their honor, the art exhibitions, the books dedicated to
them, and many other such commemorations.

Considering all the people held in detention, it is fortunate that only
these five — members of the so-called Wasp Network — have agreed to
become heroes by decree. Otherwise, the costs for both the American and
Cuban taxpayer would be exponentially greater.

25 September 2014

Source: The High Cost of the Five / Fernando Damaso | Translating Cuba -

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