Saturday, May 23, 2015

A Deafening Noise at Tania Bruguera’s Door

A Deafening Noise at Tania Bruguera's Door / El Fogonero
Posted on May 23, 2015

El Fogonero, 22 May 2015 – The Cuban dictatorship has been left without
arguments, and so they do not dare to listen to Cubans, nor let them be
listened to. The latest proof of this is what is happening right now to
a doorway in Havana where a woman is reading outloud.

The artist Tania Bruguera (who weeks previously was the victim of an act
of censorship preventing her from presenting a performance in public)
decided to sit in the doorway of her house and read, for 100 hours, the
book "The Origins of Totalitarianism" by Hannah Arendt.

In response, the dictatorship sent a construction brigade to break up
the pavement even more (in Havana the majority of the streets are torn
up) in front of Tania's door. It is not difficult to calculate that they
will keep jackhammering for 100 hours.

According to sources close to the artist, Bruguera will wait for the
"repair" work to be completed before resuming her reading. By then, we
can be sure, Raul's henchmen will have come up with a new ruse.

Meanwhile, beyond the outrage provoked by such cowardice, at least here
is good news: right in front of artist Tania Bruguera's house, a few
steps from the glass case where the yacht Granma is preserved, a small
stretch of Tejadillo Street will finally be repaired.

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