Thursday, May 28, 2015

Byrne Goes To Cuba

Byrne Goes To Cuba
Updated: May 27, 2015 8:35 PM
By Bill RialesCONNECT

Alabama Congressman Bradley Byrne says he is headed to Cuba to see first
hand what the U.S. is up against with negotiations aimed at normal trade
relations with the communist country.

Those negotiations have been ongoing. Attempts at a more normal
relationship with the island nation were a hot topic a few months ago,
but have since grown cold as the Cuban leadership demanded reparations
and more incentives after years of a U.S. embargo.

We caught up with Byrne one day before he will leave to visit Cuba. He
was touring a Baldwin County company, Bay Wood Products. It is one of
many that could benefit from a thaw in our relationship with Cuba.

But Byrne has urged caution when it comes to normalizing trade, even
while realizing what could be a huge economic benefit for the Port of
Mobile, Mobile and Baldwin Counties and the State of Alabama.

He has concerns over the Cubans relationship with Russia, Russian
vessels allowed in the Port of Havana, and the countries sketchy record
of human rights.

The trip will conclude on Sunday. Byrne will travel with a handful of
other Republican and Democratic Congressmen, and a non-profit group that
includes experts on Cuba.

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