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When the victim’s time comes

When the victim's time comes / Angel Santiesteban
Posted on May 21, 2015

God forbid that another death is necessary in order to understand the
abusive attitude of the Cuban government against dissidents. I learned
by telephone that last Sunday the government authorized the political
police to use teams of athletes—judokas and boxers, among others—in
combat mode, in another desperate attempt to stop these ladies (the
Ladies in White), who only peacefully ask for the release to their
families of prisoners and other political opponents who are serving time
for thinking differently.

Since I became aware of the physical assaults and the corresponding
arrests, an idea has remained fixed in my mind: "We have to expect this
to happen in order for the international political community to
understand that you cannot negotiate with totalitarian governments, that
it is a dead end. That they only appear to adapt to the new times out of
their economic desperation, as 'parasite countries' that suck what they
can out of whatever economy they get near."

Is an agreement with the United States and the European Union above the
objective needs that civil society urges be resolved? By negotiating
with the regime, these countries are establishing a dynasty that will
last for generations. The shameful truth is that, Sunday after Sunday,
the Ladies in White are abused. Now more so, as I learned during my
recent call, because those criminal mobs inflicted bone fractures on
these helpless women, who have not given up, nor will they give up on
their desire for freedom. Even if the above statements fall on ears
deafened and eyes clouded by the absurdities with which the Castro
brothers enchant them, and make them dance to their tune.

I still hope that the governments involved in the openings understand
that they are losing their valuable time, and retracing their steps,
only to approach that truth which I have not doubted for a moment: the
dictatorship will not submit to a truce in order to change this sad
reality that has oppressed us for over half a century.

And I continue to declare that the more the dictatorship strengthens and
sends out roots, the more suffering the Cuban people will continue to
endure, as the powers reach a deal.

Ángel Santiesteban-Prats
April 23, 2015, Border Prison Unit, Havana.

Source: When the victim's time comes / Angel Santiesteban | Translating
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