Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A new case of fraud shakes Cuban universities

A new case of fraud shakes Cuban universities / Mario Lleonart
Posted on July 27, 2015

A new case of academic fraud this Thursday has shaken the universities.
A group of first year medical students in Villa Clara province were able
to see in advance the answers to the morpho-physiology exam, which was
sat Thursday July 2nd. According to various witnesses, the sale and
circulation of the test was so widespread that it occurred in other
venues, such as Sagua la Grande.

The immediate solution they are going to arrange is to get all the first
year students to repeat the exam next Monday July 13th. At this stage it
is not known whether any penalties will be applied to those who
committed the fraud, nor whether they have made public the source of the
leak. The only details which are known have come from those who have to
retake the exam, with some students complaining they are paying for the
guilty ones.

This type of scandal in the academic world has occurred frequently in
all educational levels. In July last year this daily paper reported the
leak of various final tests in Medical Faculty Number 1 in Santiago de
Cuba. On that occasion 23 students were directly involved in the leak
and distribution of the contents of the second year anatomy and
statistics exams, 4th year English, and the so-called State Test. On
that occasion, the Teachers' Board at the centre called for a sanction
of two years' suspension from higher education for the students involved
in the act.

Translated by GH
9 July 2015

Source: A new case of fraud shakes Cuban universities / Mario Lleonart |
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