Friday, July 31, 2015

Cuban migrants reach upscale Florida Keys

Cuban migrants reach upscale Florida Keys: report

Five Cuban migrants landed in an upscale town in the Florida Keys
earlier this week, after making the treacherous crossing in a rustic
open boat, the Miami Herald reported Thursday.
Alighting in Key Colony Beach before dawn on Tuesday, they accosted a
policeman and were turned over to US Customs and Border Protection for
"They were probably wet. You pretty much know they just got here,"
police chief Kris diGiovanni told the Herald.
"If they don't speak English and they don't have a car, you can pretty
much guess they're migrants."
Under US law, Cubans who make it to dry land are allowed to stay in the
United States. Those intercepted offshore are sent back to Cuba.
There has been a surge of Cubans attempting the dangerous crossing since
October, driven by fear that the US rapprochement with Havana may spell
the end of the special treatment.
According to the US Coast Guard, about 3,000 Cubans have tried to slip
into the country by sea since October.
The United States and Cuba this month restored full diplomatic relations
after more than 50 years as Cold War foes.

Source: Cuban migrants reach upscale Florida Keys: report - Yahoo News
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